Seizing an Opportunity

    Perfect created a new logo and marketing materials to help RockSteady Logistics capture a business-changing opportunity.

    Project Details

    Perfect created a complete brand identity to help launch a new logistics company.


    When the Time is Right

    Adam Griscom saw an opportunity coming and he needed to act. He was running Rocksteady Transport, a regional trucking company in South Jersey, when he started hearing rumblings about Amazon opening a large fulfillment facility in the Philadelphia area. If the rumblings were true, tons of additional shipments would be flooding into the area with product that would need to be received, offloaded, transported, stored and fulfilled. Adam thought the timing could be perfect to expand his trucking business into a complete logistics company. Already armed with his fleet of tractors, straight trucks and sprinters, Adam obtained warehouse space with vital rail access, expanded his team and was ready to knock on doors to look for business. All he needed was an identity for his new venture, RockSteady Logistics.

    Looking for a Vendor

    Adam needed a new logo, a website and printed materials to promote RockSteady Logistics. He reached out to some local designers for information, researched online options for creating business logos and examined the pricing and services he was being offered. Something was missing though. The options he had didn’t seem to be comprehensive solutions.

    Finding a Partner

    Adam knew Perfect’s VP of Creative Strategies, so he reached out to see if maybe Perfect could help RockSteady. We talked with Adam about his needs and offered to spend some time with him to understand the new business. We agreed that Adam needed a new identity, but he also needed to give thought to delivering the right message to prospective customers and establishing his unique value. Perfect could help him do that as part of the process to create RockSteady’s new image. Since Perfect’s costs would be in line with the other options he had, Adam decided to work with us because of the interest we took in understanding the idea and purpose behind RockSteady. Instead of working like a vendor, Perfect was interested in being a partner.

    • Learning Logistics

      Perfect scheduled a meeting with Adam to kick off the project. We conducted research before the meeting to learn about the regional logistics industry and then spent the kickoff meeting asking questions about the history of Rocksteady Transport, Adam’s objectives for RockSteady Logistics and how he thought he would fit in the regional logistics market. After a follow up meeting to get answers to a few final questions, Perfect went to work.

      The logo was first. After presenting Adam with a few concepts and making a few revisions, Perfect hit on a logo and color scheme that Adam and his team loved. With the visual foundation built, Perfect’s web partner developed the RockSteady Logistics website and Perfect created business cards for Adam and his team.

      We also developed a promotional card that Adam’s truck drivers could hand out to customers to announce RockSteady’s new services. The “driver card” idea grew out of discussions about RockSteady’s customer service and sales processes. Perfect thought it was vital to leverage existing customer touch points—deliveries and pickups—to introduce the new services and create some personal interaction with potential logistics customers.

      With the launch materials ready and the website live, Adam and his team started looking for business.

    • Business Booms

      Within months of launch, RockSteady was at full capacity and looking for new warehouse space. The company doubled the amount of space it started with. It was receiving and storing motorcycles and building products, and providing short-term monthly storage for product that needed to move in and out of its warehouse quickly. RockSteady successfully leveraged its rail access by serving multiple distributors in the food industry. Based on its early success, RockSteady expanded its levels of service to include “white glove” service, “hotshot” deliveries and “final mile” deliveries.

      “Our work with Perfect gave us the confidence to succeed,” Adam said. “The confidence came from the professional image they helped us create. That confidence allowed us to grow fast. Our employees are so proud to see our logo on our t-shirts, our trailers and our tractors.”

    Project Details

    Perfect created a complete brand identity to help launch a new logistics company.