Digital Printing

Our digital printing services provide customers with efficiency and flexibility. With four- and five-color options, our presses are ideal for run lengths of less than 1,000 pieces or for jobs that require the quick turnaround that only the digital printing process can provide.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing uses a toner- or inkjet-based process to print directly from a digital image on to paper or other material. This printing process does not require the creation of printing plates as used in offset printing. Because there isn’t a need to create or replace printing plates, digital printing usually offers a faster turnaround time.

Variable Data Printing

With our variable data printing capabilities, Perfect can help you personalize your materials and take a custom approach to targeting your audience. Personalization lets you tailor content, images and graphics to appeal directly to individual personas in your target audience. Variable printing is ideal for direct marketing, fundraising and development appeals.

Shorter Runs

Because there is no need to create printing plates, digital printing has lower set up costs. This makes it ideal for smaller quantities. Minimum quantities can be as low as 25 or 50. You can print the exact number of items you need, when you need them.

Improved Quality

With recent advances in technology, digital printing quality has improved considerably. It now is a viable option for high-quality short-run projects. With a wide color gamut and substrate flexibility, it can be used for any commercial printing project.

Digital Work Samples