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Informed Delivery Merges the Mailbox with the Inbox

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has launched a new service that gives marketers another way to reach audiences. The USPS Informed Delivery e-mail service program lets people sign up to receive a daily e-mail digest of the letter-class mail that will be delivered to their home each day. The digest contains scanned images of the address…

Evaluate a Printer on These Five Qualities

So you’re looking for a commercial printer. Maybe it’s been a while since you printed something because you’ve been focused on your digital efforts like social media or SEM. Or, unfortunately, maybe the relationship with your current printer is a little shaky and it’s time for a change. No matter the reason for your search,…

Adobe Stock Makes Working with Stock Images Easier

For some designers, using stock imagery from online marketplaces like Adobe Stock is like taking cough medicine—you know you need to use it, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it. Since the early 2000s, when stock photography became widely accessible through the launch of online image marketplaces, professional designers have debated whether they should use…

What Do You Need to Know About Paper Anyway?

If you’re a marketing or design professional today, among all your other responsibilities, you’re most likely also tasked with buying print services for any print materials your organization is producing. Previously, a dedicated production manager or print buyer would find qualified vendors, get bids, submit files and deal with the printer. Now, you are responsible. Considering that you’re…

Use the Physical Properties of Print to Show Who You Are

“Show, don’t tell” is a maxim for writers that goes all the way back to elementary school English class. Executed at the right time, showing, or placing the reader in the moment through the use of descriptive text and detail, can make a much more dramatic sensory connection than using boring exposition (or telling) to…

Good Print Specs are the Key to Successful Projects

Since we’ve worked for more than 30 years in the printing industry, we know a few things about what print buyers want. First, they want to work with a trustworthy partner. Second, when it comes to project delivery, they want speed, quality and no surprises. While we do a good job of meeting these requirements…

Digital Technology has Disrupted the Specialty Graphics Industry

By Joe Olivo I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Atlanta to attend the SGIA Expo, which is the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s annual event. Like most trade shows, the expo brings together vendors, printers, manufacturers and other industry professionals to see new equipment and discuss trends. In the case of SGIA, the focus…

Follow These File Prep Tips to Speed Through Prepress

The dreaded error list. For any print project going through file prep it means a delay in progress. Missing fonts, low-res images, RGB colors—no matter the error, it takes time to troubleshoot. As a result, turnaround time becomes slower for the customer. Extra time and lost momentum are not the frustrating parts of fixing file prep…

Segments in Print Industry Are Set to Experience Renewed Growth

To say the print industry has been going through change would be a huge understatement. With the impact of digital media, the commercial printing industry has been altered forever during the last decade. There has been significant consolidation. Some forms of print communication have disappeared or have been relegated to postscript status. Emerging print technologies have recast…