Offset Printing

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art offset printing equipment to deliver high-quality printed materials at a reasonable cost. We have two-, five- and eight-color offset presses with sheet sizes from 13” x 18.5” to 23.75” x 29”. Our capabilities are great for jobs that require the traditional look of offset printing, custom color matches or the benefit of a lower per-unit cost for larger quantities.

What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is a technique whereby an image is passed from a printing plate to a rubber blanket then to paper or other printing surface. The print media (paper) never actually comes in contact with the image or printing plate. Lithography, a form of offset printing, is the most widely used process. It is used for a broad range of applications from single color text pages to full-color, image-heavy communications.


Offset’s use of ink allows for sharper image reproduction and richer color. The high quality is more consistent over the length of long runs as well.

Longer Runs

Offset printing is great for long runs. While there are set up costs to consider, when quantities are high (more than 1,000) the per-unit cost is much more affordable than digital printing.


Offset provides more choice in color, paper and finishing. Offset can use up to four or more colors and the Pantone color system. Paper options include premium and specialty lines.

Offset Work Samples