Higher Education

    Drexel University

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    This admissions brochure was printed for a series of “Admitted Students Days” that long-time customer Drexel University held in spring 2017. The 5.5 x 8.5, eight-page brochure was printed on a smooth cover stock in CMYK. The brochure contained a schedule for the day as well as a campus map to help students find their way around campus.

    Penn SP2

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    Fulfilling its Mission

    The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) educates students who want to take an active role in social policy, social justice, social work, nonprofit leadership and social research. As one of the leading higher-education schools of its kind, SP2 wanted to launch a multi-modal program in which experts from the School of Social Policy & Practice analyze and address some of the most crucial social justice and policy issues in our nation. The mission of the initiative, which is known as the SP2 Penn Top 10 Social Justice & Policy Issues for the 2016 Presidential Election, is to educate, enlighten, and empower a diverse audience of voters and policymakers from all walks of life.

    Timing for the initiative was crucial, as SP2 wanted the program launched in plenty of time to inform the public prior to the election in November.

    Learning About the Project

    Initially, SP2 approached Perfect about printing a handout that could be used to inform delegates, alumni and the general population about the SP2 Penn Top 10. The handout would consist of 10 position papers written by SP2 faculty. The papers would need to be edited into digestible articles and combined with a visual aesthetic to communicate the main points of each essay to a mostly uninformed audience. The handout was intended to be visually appealing, heavy on imagery and full of information.

    In addition to the handout, SP2 wanted a “Digital Book” (Interactive PDF) to be hosted on an existing website for easy access for people who may not receive a printed copy. This would also be something that would be marketed digitally, with the intent of spreading the message and potentially raising capital for the school.

    Suggesting a Broader Solution

    Based on SP2’s project objectives, Perfect recommended a workbook that would include 10 tabs, creating a section for each topic. Content would include a shortened position paper, information about the author(s), critical information about the topic and recommendations to help address the issue. Instead of a digital book, we suggested creating a website dedicated to the initiative. We also proposed developing a complete visual identity for the initiative and designing a promotional brochure to announce the program. We believed that if the initiative was successful, SP2 could convert the “temporary” program focused on one election to a long-standing web presence where SP2 could highlight pressing social justice and policy issues in the future.

    • Developing the Assets

      SP2 embraced our suggestions. Perfect set about working with the SP2 Penn Top 10 project team to create the materials over a nearly six-month period. Beginning with the development of the initiative’s visual identity, we helped develop an SP2 Penn Top 10 logo, a direct mail brochure promoting the initiative, a promotional landing page to announce the kickoff, an interactive full website to unveil content on each topic and the SP2 Penn Top 10 workbook. Perfect provided SP2 with project management, graphic design, copyediting, web development, printing and mail services.

    • A Successful Campaign

      From its first event in May 2016 dealing with the issue of Homelessness, the SP2 Penn Top 10 Social Justice & Policy Issues for the 2016 Presidential Election initiative garnered attention and grew beyond all initial expectations. Visitors have engaged with the website by viewing videos, posting comments and voting for the most pressing social issue. SP2 ordered another print run of the SP2 Penn Top 10 workbook as well. The project team is also now considering keeping the initiative going beyond the 2016 election.

    Postcard Penn South Asia

    Penn South Asia Studies

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    Perfect designed and printed a postcard and poster for the South Asia Studies department at the University of Pennsylvania to promote their language programs. The pieces are intended to attract the attention of UPenn students who may be interested in taking a South Asian language course through the department. The South Asia Studies department offers nearly all of India’s official languages as well as the languages of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

    Perfect spoke with representatives of the department to understand the project goals, we developed the design concept, designed the postcard and poster, and printed the materials. The pieces were printed on specialty metallic paper to create the sense of excitement and value the department was trying to achieve. According to the South Asia Studies department, the pieces have been a huge hit and gained a lot of interest.

    Rutgers University

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    High-end custom designed brochure targeting international students.

    Intriguing images and the use of color are an important piece of any creative. Rutgers-Camden recently produced a brochure targeted to its international student body. The design and content needed to provide an overview of the State University of New Jersey as well as highlight all that Rutgers had to offer International students.

    Designed by Rutgers Professor Allan Espiritu, also the designer at GDLOFT, the brochure combined design and print techniques such as solid blocks of color printed with a transparency effect to view the image underneath. Since economics is always an issue, a translucent fly sheet was produced with pertinent statistics that are subject to change. The fly leaf not only added visually to the piece, but can be replaced as necessary without reprinting the brochure in its entirety.

    McGraw Hill

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    On-demand printing of college textbooks for national distribution.

    Perfect combines web access with the power of print to be on the leading edge of communications. For a large publishing company, we developed a system to print On-Demand college textbooks with a nationwide distribution network for college bookstores.

    Rowan University

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    Embossed and foil-stamped custom art catalog.

    Perfect produced an art catalog for Rowan University that involved many value-added services. The final product included foil stamping, embossing, perfect binding, creation and printing of a DVD, plastic sleeve, as well as the fulfillment of the piece.

    With Perfect providing all of these services, the client was able to hand off the job to a single source. This allowed the project to be completed not only within budget but within an extremely quick turnaround time.