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    Custom-engineered diecut packaging for premium item mailing.

    Because Perfect handles nearly all production in-house, we can ensure brand consistency whether printing a brochure or components for premium items.

    We printed a 12-page plus pocket-cover brochure for OppenheimerFunds Inc. When OppenheimerFunds ordered premium items with the same branding, Perfect printed the packaging in-house on the same equipment as the brochure – ensuring a perfect color match!

    Our in-house capabilities enabled us to engineer, print, die-cut and fabricate the premium-item packaging, and fulfill and ship directly from our facility. Perfect Printing helped maintain integrity of the OppenheimerFund brand by printing exact color matches throughout a range of projects.

    The Franklin Institute

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    The Franklin Institute

    The mission of The Franklin Institute is to inspire an understanding of and passion for learning about science and technology. Producing and distributing marketing materials that support The Franklin Institute’s various educational programs as well as the Museum’s Membership package, Perfect has been working with The Franklin Institute to help fulfill this mission for over 10 years.

    Long-term relationships are at the foundation of our business. Clients like The Franklin Institute trust Perfect as a consistent partner and resource for strategic communication and marketing programs.

    Center City District

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    Speciality costings and metallic ink enhance the
    “State of Center City” report.

    The Center City District (CCD) and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation (CPDC) share a common mission: to enhance the vitality of Center City Philadelphia as a thriving 24-hour downtown and a great place to live, work or have fun. The 2012 State of Center City Report is designed to measure the progress of Philadelphia’s downtown,to document continuing challenges, and to be of use to those who seek to develop, locate, lease, invest or meet in Center City.
    Perfect has printed this report for the past six years because Center City District knows they can trust us to ensure color consistency and quality. In addition to 4 color offset printing, a metallic ink was added to enhance the cover. Gloss, satin and matte coatings were also used throughout for effect. The 74 page plus cover wir-o-boundbook printed on FSC certified stock that included recycled content.