Direct Mail Tracking

Know when your mail gets delivered.

    A frustrating part of direct mail can be the uncertainty of not knowing when your mail gets delivered. You send it out and assume it arrives. With our direct mail tracking tool, uncertainty disappears.

    With our direct mail tracking solution, mailers know when their mail is scheduled to deliver, and they can confirm when it gets delivered. This direct mail tracking tool lets you know how many total pieces made it to their destination and which individual recipients received their piece and when. You can also determine who on your list did not receive your mailing.

    Armed with this insight, you can plan necessary steps to coincide with delivery. You can staff up for incoming calls, know when your website should start receiving visits, or know who you need to follow up with a second time to make sure they got your message.

    Knowing projected delivery dates lets you adjust drop dates as needed to ensure your pieces arrive at the right time, which is key for follow up and planning. You can also use your insight into delivery times to consider using standard vs. first class postage, which can potentially save you money.

    With our direct mail tracking dashboard, you can review your mailings via a Google maps interface, or through a table that lists each recipient. You can sort the list by key data, such as city, state and zip code, or even the date your piece was mailed or delivered.

    If you are looking to track your mail more effectively, call (856) 787-1877 for more information.

    Mail Tracking:

    • Projected Delivery

    • Confirmed Delivery

    • Track Individuals

    • Sort Recipient Data


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