Create Response Using the Sense of Smell

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    This is sceht marketing at its simplest, you smell a scent connected to a particular product, and you decide to buy the product.

    But scent marketing's more subtle than that, it also creates associations in our brain between smells and elicits memories and emotions. Like when you're house-hunting and you come to a house that smells like chocolate chip cookies. Emotional connections are triggered so maybe you buy the house (no wonder Realtors urge home sellers to bake just before a prospective buyer comes knocking).

    Now your printed materials can integrate scent to increase attention, awareness and stimulate purchase activity. Scented varnishes are thin transparent coatings that are applied like any coating. The varnish contains tiny micro-capsules of scent which when rubbed are broken, allowing the scent to be released in the air. It is transparent and non-obtrusive over graphics.
    There are currently 68 different scents available ranging from chocolate to Christmas tree to fresh cut grass to stinky cheese (why?). Scented varnishes are relatively inexpensive which makes it a viable addition to set a piece apart. Scented varnishes can add interest to printed promotional items, direct mailers, tickets, handouts, fliers, etc.
    Contact me for more information on using scent in your print materials.

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