Creating an Effective Trade Show Environment

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    The environment created must reflect your brand, create awareness and position your product, be relevant to attendees and generate traffic. All of this must be done in an area that may be as small as 6’x8’.

    In my opinion, one of the mistakes that many companies make when designing their space for the standard 6×8 booth is to cram too much information in their display materials. It typically takes about 5 seconds for someone to walk by your booth. A backdrop that is full of text and graphics will make it difficult for an attendee to discern your message. If the attendee is not sure of what your company has to offer they are more likely to continue on to the next booth. In other words, keep it simple.

    Depending on your budget, the area can include different types of signage. The least expensive is a retractable banner stand. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The signage can be printed on a flexible material that can be customized for each show and attached to the hardware that can be used for future shows.

    One of the things that you can do to easily enhance your booth is a custom printed table cloth. Most trade shows supply a standard cloth with a generic black and white sign containing your company name. A bright colored table cloth with your logo printed on the front will help you standout from neighboring booths.

    Most trade show booths come with a 6’ foot table as part of the space. I personally like to put the table at the back of the booth rather than the front. By putting it at the back of the booth allows you to design a tabletop backdrop that can be set against the back of the table. Any brochures or premium items can be set in front of this. The tabletop backdrops are less expensive than the full-length backdrops. Some trade shows can have very tight aisle ways. By setting the table towards the back, it allows an attendee to step into your booth, away from the traffic and creates an open space. Lastly, by having the table in the rear, you can also add a full length retractable banner at the front of the booth. For a successful trade show use less graphics, create an open environment and keep smiling!

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