Does Anyone Not Open a Dimensional Mailer?

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    A dimensional mailer is by far the most effective form of direct mail. Some industry data indicates dimensional mailers have a nearly 100% open rate. According to the DMA’s annual Response Rate Report of just a few years ago, dimensional mail had the best B2B response rate of any direct mail at 8.51%. This effectiveness, however, comes at a price.

    Dimensional mailers are pieces that have a third dimension beyond length and width. This third dimension creates a mailer that costs more to produce and requires special (more expensive) postal handling. Even so, if you have the budget, a dimensional mailer will earn you a higher return on your direct marketing campaign than any other type of direct mail.

    Dimensional mailers include boxes, tubes, containers, bags and other carriers that have length, width and height. The US Postal Service has helpful information on the sizing of dimensional mail.

    Frequently, dimensional mail contains a giveaway item, such as a product sample, promotional premium or widget. The goal is to create an opening experience that is so exciting it results in more effective brand recall. The recipient must spend time with the piece to open it; physically interacting with the piece establishes a better emotional connection between the recipient and the mailer’s brand, assuming the experience is a positive one.

    What form a dimensional mailer takes is limited only by the creativity of the designer. At Perfect, we’ve produced custom boxes, fulfilled containers and produced premium packages. We’ve even seen dimensional mailers that have “pop-up” or “pop-out” elements. Just like other marketing pieces, though, success with a dimensional mailer requires a strong message that connects with the recipient and an effective call to action.

    Since costs associated with producing and mailing dimensional mail are more than regular direct mail, targeting high-value recipients is the most effective use of it. For this reason, a dimensional mailer tends to be better for B2B marketing than B2C. The ideal application is targeting a small, vetted list of recipients with a product or service that has a high price point. This way, a few successful conversions can more than make up for the expense.

    A couple ways you can limit the expense of a dimensional mailer is to use folds to create dimension or ship the piece flat, requiring the recipient to assemble the piece as part of the opening experience.

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