Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program Improves Targeting

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    The EDDM program allows a mailer to search carrier routes within each zip code by age, average income, and average size of household. While the system does not allow for the targeting of specific addresses, these new sort choices certainly allow mailers to better target their mailings within specific zip codes. This allows for a message that is better targeted to the intended recipient and can help lower mailing costs by avoiding mailing to areas that have a lower percentage of households that contain demographics more desirable to the marketer. For example, a search of zip code 08053 can be narrowed to percentage of residents that are age 65 to 85. A review of the data will show there are two carrier routes that have a far higher percentage of residents in that age bracket (25%) than the typical carrier route which ranges from 7% to 12%. One could surmise that those routes with the markedly higher percentage of older residents may contain the over 55 communities within the township. This is one way that you can extrapolate the data to your advantage.

    The EDDM program has been one of the postal programs that actually showed increased demand within the past twelve months. The new tools that have been provided should certainly encourage marketers to take a look at how this program may help them obtain their goals.

    For those that are just curious and want to get a glimpse of where the rich and possibly famous live, feel free to visit the link below. Enter the famous Beverly Hills zip code of 90210 and sort by average income to see the wealthiest areas in America’s richest zip code.


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