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    Enhanced Direct Mail

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    Everyone knows about direct mail. It by far generates the best response of any direct marketing channel. The one downside? Marketers say direct mail is hard to track and measure. Not with our Enhanced Direct Mail platform.

    With Enhanced Direct Mail from Perfect, you can:

    • Track who on your mail list received your marketing piece
    • Track and record the customer calls generated by your campaign
    • Identify the people on your mail list who visited your website or landing page

    You get access to all of this through one easy-to-use online dashboard. In addition to these great benefits, you can even:

    These valuable features are available through the easy-to-use online dashboard too.

    To learn more about how the platform works or to set up a demonstration call (856) 787-1877.

    Interested in Pricing?

    Pricing for Enhanced Direct Mail is based on two factors: the features you select and the number of pieces in your campaign. On average, you can get the benefits of Enhanced Direct Mail for about half the cost of postage.


    With these add-on Enhanced Direct Mail solutions, you can specifically target the people on your mail list:

    Social Match
    With Social Match, target the Facebook or Instagram accounts of about 50% of your mail list with digital ads for 14 days, beginning on your campaign mail date. This approach is a great way to maximize the value of your mail list.

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    print fulfillment

    Print Fulfillment & Mailing

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    With our in-house capabilities, we can meet all of your print fulfillment, shipping and mailing needs. We also offer kitting services, where we can assemble multiple pieces into a package for mailing or shipping.

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    Fulfillment Services:

    • Storing
    • Kitting
    • Packaging
    • List Analysis
    • List Purchasing
    • NCOA Certification
    • Presorting
    • Match Insertion
    • International Mailing
    • Shipping

    Our on-demand web printing portal provides customers the ability to streamline ordering, ensure consistent brand quality, limit inventory and give remote offices and employees the ability to self-serve. With a web-based portal, customers can order their frequently needed business documents and marketing materials quickly and easily. The portal helps customers save time and get projects turned around faster.

    If you think you may benefit from a portal, feel free to contact us for more information.

    What is Print Fulfillment?

    Print fulfillment is printing, storing, assembling, packaging and mailing or shipping your printed materials in bulk or on demand.

    Our in-house mail team provides a complete start-to-finish mail service. We can prepare mailings for entry into the postal system, process data and perform NCOA list certification. With our printing and mailing equipment we can address, presort and handle match insertion mailings. We do international mailings and full-service submission.

    Our IT/Data team works with customers to make sure they are reaching the right audience by providing mail list analysis, list clean up and list purchasing. We are a full-service mail list provider.

    We can ship projects anywhere in the world. Depending on timing and your project budget, we can use any number of methods to get your materials where they need to be, even if they are going to multiple locations.

    We handle many local deliveries in South Jersey and Philadelphia with our own fleet. We also use business couriers for regional deliveries. For large or distant shipments, we call on freight carriers, the US Postal Service, UPS and FedEx.

    Tips for Mailing and Fulfillment

    • Be sure to clarify and make address formatting consistent in your mail list file.
    • Clarify your deduping parameters (e.g., multiple people at the same address) when submitting your mail list.
    • Communicate your desired mailing class (First Class, Marketing Mail, Non-Profit, etc.) when submitting your project.

    Sample Fulfillment Projects

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    flyer printing


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    Flyers are the workhorse of print communications, since they are one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate with a wide audience. In the markets we serve, such as retail, health care and finance, we do flyer printing for a variety of uses.

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    Flyer Printing:

    • In-store Handouts
    • Coupons
    • Event Promotion
    • Patient Information
    • Direct Mail
    • Product Descriptions
    • Sell Sheets
    • Infographics
    • Pricing Sheets
    • Product Lists

    We offer single or double-sided flyer printing in any color. We can use our digital printing capabilities to personalize them or our offset printing capabilities for large runs to help keep unit costs down.

    What is a Flyer?

    Also known as leaflets or handouts, flyers are most often used unfolded. They are usually produced in standard sizes of 8.5 x 11 or 5.5 x 8.5.

    Most flyer printing projects use a text weight (light) coated stock in either a silk or gloss finish. Flyers can also be printed on uncoated white offset paper, especially if the flyer needs to accept writing.

    To help flyers stand out, we can print them on an interesting or unique colored paper.

    Because of their light weight, most flyers get used in environments where they can be distributed by hand or posted on windows, doors and bulletin boards. Flyers do not get mailed often.

    Tips for Flyer Printing

    • An alternative to colored paper is using ink to fill the background of your flyer to achieve the look of colored paper without adding the extra expense of the colored stock.
    • When designing your flyer, decide whether your piece will have a bleed, which means the background color will run all the way to the edge. The alternative is printing the flyer with a border.

    Sample Flyers

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    Custom Postcards

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    Although postcards are primarily a way to reach customers in a local market, at Perfect, we do postcard printing for many purposes for customers in a variety of industries.


    • Event Promotion
    • Student/Employee Recruitment
    • Holiday Greetings
    • Coupons
    • Thank You Cards
    • Rack Cards

    Whether you are a realtor, a health care professional, or a retailer, you are probably familiar with using postcards to promote your services. Marketers of all shapes and sizes do postcard printing to cost-effectively drum up business. We can help you with your postcard printing at any stage of the production process. Early on, we can help with list planning/acquisition or graphic design. Later in the process, we can mail your postcards for you.

    What is a Postcard?

    To be considered a postcard, a piece must be rectangular and at least 3.5 inches high x 5 inches long, but no more than 4.25 inches high x 6 inches long.

    When discussing postcard printing, people sometimes get confused by how the US Postal Service classifies mail. There are three types of marketing materials that can be used to send business communications through the mail: postcards, letters and flats. The main thing separating these classes is size. Letters and flats have larger dimensions. You need to be aware of the postal classification for your piece because it can impact the postage rate when you’re mailing postcards. The USPS website has detailed information that can help you plan your postcard or other business mailings.

    Business postcards usually contain print on both sides and are printed in full color. They use a cover stock, from about 100# to 130#. The stock is often coated with either a gloss or silk finish.

    When you design your postcard, be careful where you place your content, as there are several areas on the card that need to be reserved for information that is required for mail processing. These spaces include the postage area, address area and barcode area. If needed, you can contact Perfect and we will provide a template you can follow when setting up your postcard.

    Tips for Postcard Printing

    • When measuring your postcard, length is the side that runs parallel to the address and width is the side perpendicular to the address.
    • Don’t forget to leave a safe area around the outside of your postcard that does not contain text or images. These might be cut off when the card gets trimmed.
    • If possible, know the thickness of your postcard. The USPS uses machines to process mail and postcards that use thin stock can be damaged during processing.

    Sample Postcards

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    folder printing


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    Drawing on several of our printing and finishing capabilities, Perfect can perform folder printing for various business communication needs. Customers from across our main service markets, such as health care and retail, use pocket folders to distribute their important printed materials to customers, clients and patients.

    Performax folder cover and spread


    • Presentations
    • Corporate Identity
    • Custom
    • Patient Information
    • Product Information

    What is a Folder?

    The most common folder configuration is a 9 x 12 folder with two four-inch pasted pockets.

    Traditional folders are constructed from heavy stock and they are used to hold other printed materials or loose paper. For best results, we recommend that folders be printed on board stock rather than standard coated stock. Board stock has more body and reduces the chance of unsightly cracking on folds that run in different directions from the paper grain.

    Folders can be produced with either one or two pockets. Depending on your need, we can create pockets that go straight across or we can create them at an angle. We can also produce a “vertical pocket,” which is one that covers the entire area of a panel and gets glued at the top and bottom.

    Because we do custom folder printing, we can produce them in just about any color. We can also apply effects such as specialty finishes, coatings and embossing. Printing can be done on both the inside and outside of the folder and we can incorporate slits in the pockets to hold business cards.

    If your folder will be used to hold a lot of materials—or large materials—we can create capacity by adding a spine between the panels. If you are unsure how to create capacity in your design, contact Perfect and we’ll be able to help.

    Tips for Folder Printing

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    • To get the most cost-effective pricing for custom folder printing it is best to keep the folder’s flat size, including the glue tabs, to 21.5 x 27.5.
    • When designing your folder, remember to make the pockets and panel size a minimum of one quarter-inch (1/4”) larger than any inserts that will go in the folder.
    • You should submit design files for your folder as a composite piece.
    • In your design file, make the glue tabs three quarters of an inch (3/4”) wide.

    Sample Folders

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    SP2 Top 10 brochure printing


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    Brochures are one of the most versatile ways to communicate in print. At Perfect, we provide brochure printing for a variety of promotional and informational purposes.


    • Product Information

    • Event Registration

    • Corporate Identity

    • Patient Information

    • Circulars

    • Location Guides

    • Recruitment

    In the markets we serve, such as finance, retail, nonprofit and higher education, we provide brochure printing services for our customers’ print communication plans. Although a brochure is just a single sheet of paper, the wide variety of folds available can turn a brochure into a unique communication piece.

    We can use our digital brochure printing capabilities to personalize your brochures, or we can use our traditional offset presses to print large quantities to keep unit costs down.

    What is a Brochure?

    Brochures offer a flexibility that is unmatched by other print communications.

    Brochure printing can be done in many standard and custom sizes. The most common flat—or open—brochure sizes are 8.5 x 11, 9 x 12 and 11 x 19. Common folded sizes cover a wide range: 3.5 x 8.5, 3.625 x 8.5, 4 x 9, 5.5 x 8.5 and 8.5 x 11.

    What gives brochures their flexibility is the nearly limitless number of interesting folds available. The two folds people most commonly see are bifold and trifold. While these folds tend to be the go-to options, there are many other more complex folds, such as the barrel fold, gatefold, accordion fold and right-angle fold. There also are folds that take advantage of asymmetrical panel sizes to create unique opening experiences.

    Feel free to contact Perfect to learn which folds are available as part of the professional brochure printing we perform.

    Tips for Brochure Printing

    • When designing your brochure, be aware that certain folds—such as a trifold—may require one panel to be slightly smaller than the others to allow for proper folding. If you are unsure about how to set up your brochure design, ask us for help or download one of our brochure print templates.
    • When submitting your brochure for print, indicate the fold lines on your file in a color that will stand out so we can be aware of the intended fold.
    • When choosing a stock for your brochure, be aware that text weight stocks are prone to cracking on the fold because they cannot hold a score as well as cover stocks. Brochures are usually scored prior to folding.

    Sample Brochures

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    Center City District booklet printing


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    We perform booklet printing for customers in various industries (retail, non-profit, higher education and more) for a variety of uses. Booklets are one of the materials we print most frequently.

    Booklet Printing:

    • Event Programs

    • Annual Reports

    • Newsletters

    • Magazines

    • Small Yearbooks

    • Investor Booklets

    • Handbooks

    • Product Catalogs

    • Manuals

    Our custom booklet printing services cover complete booklet production. We print and bind booklets in house and we can ship or mail your materials as needed. Our digital printing capabilities are good for short-run booklet printing or for booklets that require personalization. Our traditional offset printing is a perfect option for longer printing runs to keep unit costs down.

    What is a Booklet?

    To be considered a booklet, a project must be at least eight pages. A four-page project, which would not require binding, is considered a brochure.

    One distinguishing feature of a booklet is that it frequently uses a different stock for its cover than its inside pages. A booklet cover tends to be thicker than the inside pages, often using 80# to 100# cover stock. The inside pages of a booklet are lighter. They commonly use 60# or 70# uncoated text stock or 80# to 100# coated text stock.

    Although we can print custom booklet sizes, the typical booklet is 11 x 17 flat, folded to 8.5 x 11. Other common booklet sizes are 5.5 x 8.5 and 6 x 9.

    We offer several booklet binding options. The most frequently used, and the most cost-effective, is saddle stitching. This type of binding uses two staples along the folded edge of the booklet to fasten the pages.

    Other binding options include perfect binding—a more permanent type of binding that is often used for thicker booklets—wire, plastic coil and ring binding. In terms of cost, perfect binding is more affordable than wire or coil binding since the latter two have the extra cost of the binding material (plastic or wire).

    Tips for Booklet Printing

    • When a booklet uses the same stock for the cover and inside pages, the piece is called a “self-cover” booklet.
    • Remember, a saddle-stitched booklet must be produced in a page count that is a multiple of four.
    • With perfect, wire, plastic and ring binding, the page count must be a multiple of two.

    Sample Booklets


    Royal Books

    Perfect-bound color catalog for seller of vintage first editions of literature and art.

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