List Hygiene and Direct Mail

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    There are several ways to maintain accurate lists:

    CASS Certification
    This is a process that enables the USPS to evaluate the accuracy of an address with address matching and correction software. Your mail house should have this software and run your lists through the CASS certified software. This not only improves accuracy but also qualifies the mailer for postal discounts.

    Delete Duplicates
    Duplicate records can be removed from a mail list to help bring down postage costs. Dupes can be removed at the address level (one mail piece to a single address), the individual level (one mail piece to each individual at an address), or variations of the two (one mail piece to each person with a different last name at an address, for example).

    The NCOA process updates a mail list with the most current address change information available to the USPS. When an individual or business moves to a new location and files a form with the USPS, that information is stored in a database which mail lists are then matched against. If a match is found the new address information is replaced with the old. It is possible also that a move has been filed but no forwarding address is available. In this case the USPS requires that record be removed from the mailing. All matches can be stored to a separate file and sent to the customer to update their database for future mailings.

    Return Service Requested

    Return Service Requested can be printed on the envelope. This marking on a mail envelope that indicates to the postal service how to handle the mail piece if it is undeliverable as addressed. The mail piece is returned to the sender with the new address or the reason for non-delivery and their database can be updated.

    Invite customers to update their information
    Customers can be encouraged to provide updates by including an option on reply joomla_4ices for change of address.

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