The Print Boss Meets the Cake Boss

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    Print, as with specialty cakes, are a custom made item that are produced by skilled artisans of their craft. While technology and automation have greatly improved the efficiency of how both products can be produced, the quality of the final product still depends on a experienced craftsman to produce it correctly. Good design principles are also a vital component of both products. Without proper design print is simply ink on paper, cake a mix of flour, sugar & water. Both products are often produced under tight deadlines that must be met without fail. Print for events and dated material, cakes for a wedding or birthday. Lastly, both products have lately been under, in my opinion, an unjustified attack from outside groups regarding their products. Print from “environmentalists” and bakery items from the “sugar police”.

    Beyond the similarities in our products, I was also struck by the similarity in our stories. Both of us were from second generation Italian-American families whose father, the founder of the company, had died at a young age and other family members stepped forth to fill the void. If anyone knows of any Hollywood producers looking for a reality show based on a printing communications company, they know where to reach me.

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