What Goes Into Your Printing Matters

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    Have you ever noticed an exceptional print piece? Do you remember what made it exceptional? There are a number of critical factors that can make or break your next print campaign:

    1. Excellent design
    2. Original professional photography
    3. Creative writing
    4. The best raw materials

    Did number four throw you? When was the last time you thought about the raw materials that go into the production of your printed piece? Inks, plates and processing chemicals can have a direct impact on your final product. Change one variable and the whole job can be impacted for the better and more often worse. Whenever I give people a tour of our facility, I'm always careful to show them our inventory of raw materials that go into their finished products. Consistency in the materials used to produce your products is vital if you want consistency in your final deliverable.

    The expression “quality in, quality out” is really true when it comes to producing a printed piece.
    So, the next time you plan a marketing campaign, think about whether the printed piece is really a commodity. That way, you won't spend tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of emotional energy, just to be shortchanged at the finish line.

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