Communications and Development Drive Back to School Business

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    Like clockwork, this time of year brings in two specific areas of work in our business; communication pieces to help incoming students get acclimated to their new environment and outreach material to drive dollars to the university.

    Universities communicate with both students and alumni on an ongoing basis. General communication materials typically are produced this time of year to engage students in the orientation and welcome process.

    What are the top 5 printed items universities are using in their communication materials?

    • Safety Booklets
    • Athletics Posters
    • Campus Maps
    • Welcome Kits
    • Coupons

    University Development offices are also using print as they implement their outreach campaigns to students and alumni. A dialogue is created that continues throughout the year. joomla_4eloping and mailing variable data letters, invitations to events, postcards and printed requests for information updates are all print vehicles to start the conversation with potential donors. When choosing the most effective way to reach students and alumni, all channels should be considered. Mobile, social and email can be effective. However, it can be easy for students to tune out email and other forms of digital communication so print may be the best approach for newcomers. Print is still the one tangible medium that occupies physical space and as freshman find their new space, and returning students redefine their space, feeling connected to the university becomes ever so important. After all, when was the last time you walked in a dorm room and saw an email decorating the wall?

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