Parents Prefer Print Advertising for Back-to-School Shopping

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    On this topic, I read an article recently that a majority of back to school shoppers preferred print and direct mail for back to school promotions.  Now as a marketer for a print communication company, this statistic didn't necessarily surprise me because we often see an uptick in business during this time of year.  However, what I did find interesting was that it was published in Mobile Marketing Daily, an online resource that covers mobile marketing trends.The conclusion reached by author was that the resilience of print, both in print ads and in direct mail, strongly suggests the importance of cross-platform marketing plans for retailers and in this case “a resounding confirmation of the enduring power of print.”

    According the article, when more than 12,000 U.S study participants (all smartphone users with at last one child) were asked which ways they prefer to receive back-to-school promotions, 46.3% said “print ads,” followed by “direct mail” (41.3%) — far ahead of social media (21.2%). This is comforting for print communication companies but it also sheds light on the need for more creative interactions with audiences. If nothing else, it supports the notion that in order to build a strong and personal brand experience for consumers, retailers will need to use an integrated communication strategy that involves multi-channel marketing. Print communications combined with online and social outreach are effective ways in reaching your audience, and not just at back-to-school and Christmas.

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