Create an Impact with the Sense of Touch

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    Creating a tactile sensation with your next project can be done in a number of ways. There are several paper stocks available that have a silky or soft matte finish to provide a unique sensation to the touch.  This stock will add a rich look and feel with rose-petal softness. 

    Both Touche and Plike are brands that come in a variety of colors and weights and are ideal for applications requiring tactile lushness coupled with strength. These stocks can be used for most finishing techniques including embossing, foil stamping, die cutting, engraving, folding and gluing. 
    Another technique to add to the feel of a piece is Soft Touch™ Aqueous Coating. This is a special effect coating that gives the sheet a soft and velvet feel. It has also been described as rubbery or plastic-like. Soft Touch™ is applied in-line on the printing press, and doesn't require any off-line treatment or processing. Although Soft Touch™ is a more expensive than traditional aqueous coating it does offer cost and time savings versus off-line laminating or matte UV, an alternative for many designers who want to create a high-end look.
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