Response Rate Increase Seen in Personalized versus Static Direct Mail

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    When we use the term personalization, we are not referring to a simple mail merge but rather sophisticated integration with other electronic media including the use of personalized URLs and landing pages. But how much can personalization increase response rates compared to static direct mail? It is important to quantify projected results since relevant marketing can also increase expense. However, the return on investment can be significant.

    Direct mail rates can vary greatly depending on what you are trying to accomplish. They differ by vertical market as well as campaign objective such as lead generation, traffic generation, direct order/fundraising and data gathering/loyalty. They are also impacted by such variables as the relevance of the message, the offer, the list, the creative and the timing. So, how then can you project response rates to build a case for personalization?

    A recently published industry report from Caslon, a PODi company, compares response rates with static marketing (data from the DMA) and those that include relevant personalization. You can download this report below for statistics on response rate lifts seen in campaigns with one-to-one messaging vs. mass messaging.

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