Dimensional Mailers and Specialty Packaging

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    The challenge for any direct marketer is to make their piece the one that catches the eye and causes the recipient to spend additional time reviewing the information presented. One way to increase the chances of this happening is through the use of dimensional mailers.
    Dimensional mail is mail that has an additional dimension beyond length and width. In the pile of envelopes and direct mailers on the intended recipient’s desk, a box will surely stick out. According to a 2010 Direct Marketing Association report, dimensional mailers had an average response rate of 8.51% for B2B mailers and 3.52% for B2C mailers. The average response rate for an envelope mailer was 1.38%.

    The unit costs of dimensional mailers are typically higher than those of a direct mailer or envelope mailer. This is where targeted marketing can be helpful in maximizing the ROI of the mailer. Rather than blanket mailing to an entire list, it may be helpful to send the more expensive dimensional mailer to just a portion of the list. This can help you test the response to see if the (hopefully) increased response outweighs the additional cost of the mailer.
    At Perfect Communications, we offer a wide variety of dimensional mailing and specialty packaging options. Combining this with an effective premium item, we can help our clients maximize their response along with their ROI for any campaign.

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