Boost Response Rates With a Live Stamp

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    Direct mail fundraisers learned long ago that using a live stamp can boost response rates. Some websites even list the lift as high as 2%.

    The primary reason is simple: human nature. A stamp implies a human touch and a personal interaction. Unlike the appearance of automated postal indicia and metered postage, most people perceive that a stamp was placed by a person and not a machine. (Little do they know that a mail-house applied the stamps by machine.) 

    A second reason is curiosity. A stamp on an envelope makes the recipient wonder “what is this?” since their assumption is the envelope came from a real person. The biggest challenge with direct mail is getting the piece opened. In addition to tactics you can use with the envelope itself, a stamp can help get your message read. Bulk mail with an impersonal indicia looks like a solicitation.
    Stamps are typically used on letters, but they can be used on postcards as well to give them a personal feel. While a First Class Stamp has the highest response rate, live stamps are also available in bulk and non-profit classes. The minimal cost involved to apply the stamps will pay off in the better open rate of your direct mail campaign.
    If you’re interested in using a live stamp for one of your upcoming projects contact us for more information.

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