Paul Revere and the Other Guys

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    On the night of April 15, 1775, three men engaged in a tactical communication plan to alert the Colony of Massachusetts that the British Army had indeed arrived. Somehow, we only remember one man: Paul Revere.

    So, what was it that set Paul Revere apart from William Dawes and the other guy? Perhaps it was his strong tagline (The British are coming!). Even if he did use that tagline, it still wouldn't be enough for so much notoriety.

    The truth is, Paul Revere was a consummate networker and relationship builder. His success in business, politics and finally history, relied on a strong personal network, a solid communication plan and some helpful PR.

    Most of us don't have Longfellow to write our press releases, but we can do great things by leveraging what we have. To paraphrase Adam Grant in Give and Take, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. Build a personal network by being intentional about helping others. Use LinkedIn and other tools to connect people and engage in professional conversations that you are passionate about. Pay close attention to your organization's messaging strategy and stick to it! As an ambassador, you will find that people are looking for others who can help them solve their most urgent needs.

    Do what Paul did and you will be legendary. I promise it.

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