The Evolution of Perfect Printing

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    What really surprised me was not how much different Perfect Printing is from the one that was started out of my parent’s garage some forty years ago; it was the amount of times that change had occurred over that time period. The evolution of our company was something that was continuous. On the average, we have experienced significant and disruptive change about every 7 years. I use the word disruptive carefully, but with purpose.

    All change can be disruptive, it is how the organization is built to adapt to that change that determines its success. Whether it is our initial journey into full color printing in the mid 90’s, the addition of mailing and finish services as we entered the new millennium, to our foray into greater digital services 7 years ago, all of these were quite disruptive yet proved very beneficial to both our clients and the overall welfare of our company. It is with this past perspective that I optimistically look forward to the additional services that we will be offering to our clients as we move into 2014 and continue to evolve.



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