Volunteer Retention for Non-Profits

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    Volunteers are essential to many non-profits as they allow the organization to work more efficiently on limited budgets and increase enthusiasm for the organization within the community. When one thinks of marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations it is usually in the context of a financial giving. The giving of time, however, can be just as valuable to a non-profit and it is important that the proper conversations take place to joomla_4elop and retain those volunteers.

    Bringing out the passions of the volunteers is key. While outbound marketing in the form of direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing are key ways in which to communicate, just as important is inbound marketing? Social media and content marketing are ways to keep volunteers connected to your organization. Sharing the successes of the organization and focusing on key volunteers will encourage others to contribute their efforts so that they can be part of something that is doing positive things within the community they care about.

    Interestingly, the level of donor retention varies throughout the country. Some of the lowest donor retention rates are in places like Southern California, Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas. In those locations it appears that the non-profits have the added burden of competing against the fun and sun in order to retain their volunteers.

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