Every Door Direct Mail

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    While there are some limitations to the program for larger quantity mailings, I have found the EDDM program to be of significant benefit to small and mid-size businesses that wish to communicate their message to everyone in a specific geographic area.

    The most visible benefit of the program is the ability to mail a 6-1/8×11 size postcard for a rate as low as 14.5 cents per piece. The effective postage rate is based on what postal facility the mail is dropped. Even at the higher range of 19.7 cents per piece, the postage rate is significantly discounted from the lowest standard mail rate by approximately 8 cents per piece.
    Additional savings are gained, when compared to a typical direct mail project, because there is no need to purchase a mail list. In addition, because the postcards are sent to every address on a specific carrier route, each card does not have to be variably addressed. This results in even more savings.
    While there are some additional costs occurred because of how the mail must be presented to the post office, the potential savings far outweigh any additional costs. For retail businesses looking to target a specific location, the Every Door Direct Mail program can play an important role of any integrated or direct mail campaign. Contact Joe Olivo at Perfect Printing for further information on this program.

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