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    Nonprofits face the same marketing challenges as for-profit organizations: budget limitations, a crowded communications landscape and shortened audience attention spans. Based on our nearly 30 years working with nonprofits, we know how to help them create materials that cut through the clutter and get the attention they need.

    Nonprofits have a unique challenge in that they must balance investment in programs and services that extend their mission with investment in the marketing and promotion of those programs and services. Since we are aware of this challenge, Perfect strives to help nonprofits achieve the greatest impact at the most reasonable cost.

    We use capabilities such as our digital printing to only print the quantities needed, or to print on-demand to limit waste and inventory expenses. With digital printing, we can also personalize materials for nonprofit campaigns, helping to make that personal connection that drives member relationships.

    We use our affordable high-impact finishing capabilities to help nonprofits create materials that stand out with special effects such as foils, laminates and white ink.

    For years, Perfect has worked with nonprofits in healthcare, science, trade and government, such as Living Beyond Breast Cancer, The College of Physicians and AIGA. In addition, we have almost 20 years of experience working with association management companies, which serve small- to mid-size nonprofit associations.

    We produce materials for event promotion, fundraising, membership marketing and brand identity. We also provide nonprofits with affordable creative services, such as graphic design, web development and video production. We’ve designed and created annual reports, save-the-date postcards, logos, event promotion videos and conference websites.

    If you’re a staff member or volunteer leader looking for a printer experienced in the nonprofit industry, call (856) 787-1877 today to get the most out of your print communications.

    Nonprofit Materials:

    • Postcards

    • Program Books

    • Brochures

    • Publications

    • Annual Reports

    • Posters/Signs

    • Press Kits

    Sample Nonprofit Projects

    Wall Graphics


    Vinyl wall graphic printed and installed to enhance interior office space.

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    hospital printing

    Hospital Systems

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    Hospital marketing teams are under pressure to prove that they are vital contributors to the growth of their organization and not just experts in promotion. These days, their goals include growing volume, gaining market share, increasing brand awareness and influencing patient satisfaction. Gone are vanity metrics like “fans” and “placements.”

    Hospital marketing teams are working hard to establish themselves as effective business practitioners. To achieve this, they’re improving the tactics they use, including how they use print as a valuable part of their marketing mix. While a good portion of hospital printing is still basics like forms and appointment cards, marketers are placing more emphasis on high-quality production of marketing and branding materials.

    As hospital systems strive to connect more effectively with patients and their community, we are helping them with capabilities like our digital printing. Our digital printing technology lets our customers personalize their materials on an individual level, as well as use special finishes and effects on smaller quantities. Digital can also help us turn around materials faster when needed.

    For large runs of items such as forms or appointment cards, we can use our traditional offset printing technology to help keep unit costs down.

    We have performed hospital printing for systems such as Cooper University Hospital, Kennedy Health, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Rowan Medicine.

    If you are a marketer in a hospital setting looking for a partner who is experienced in hospital printing, call (856) 787-1877 to learn how we can help you accomplish your communication goals.

    Hospital Materials:

    • Corporate Identity

    • Event Promotion

    • Fundraising

    • Patient Communications

    • Program Information

    • Signage

    • Staff Announcements

    Sample Hospital Projects

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    home healthcare printing

    Home Healthcare

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    Home healthcare continues to be a growing business as the U.S. population ages and individuals live longer. Many senior citizens are opting to stay in their home as they age and many require some type of assistance with daily activities or medical care. This expanding population is creating a large home healthcare need in addition to other common home health services such as pediatric care and hospice.

    With a growing market, home healthcare companies are facing greater competition. Just like in other competitive markets, communicating their value over competitors and connecting their brand with patients and caregivers is vital to their success.

    Since home healthcare has transformed into a commoditized service, it has grown more difficult for companies to increase patient acquisition and grow their market share. Home healthcare marketers are relying more and more on digital tactics such as SEO and data-driven marketing to deliver personalized appeals.

    Perfect uses capabilities such as our digital printing technology to help marketers personalize their home healthcare printing materials.

    We have provided home healthcare printing services for years. We’ve worked with customers such as Bayada and Moorestown Visiting Nurses to produce materials for many purposes, including admissions, brand identity, fundraising, corporate marketing and patient communications

    Our quality standards and special finishing techniques help customers create innovative home healthcare printing that connects with their patients and their caregivers more effectively. We use our in-house fulfillment capabilities to perform kitting for home healthcare companies, preparing important packages such as new patient welcome packets.

    If you are a marketer in a home healthcare setting looking for an experienced printer, call (856) 787-1877 to learn more about how we can help you.

    Home Healthcare Materials:

    • Booklets

    • Brochures

    • Business Cards

    • Flyers

    • Forms

    • Folders

    • Labels

    • Letterhead

    • Postcards

    Sample Home Health Projects

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    Higher Education

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    Just a few years ago, university administrations across the nation were adding a vital new executive position: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). As competition to attract the best and brightest students got tougher, schools needed a way to improve their ability to connect with prospective students. CMOs were tasked with building marketing departments and creating vibrant integrated marketing campaigns.

    With marketing efforts in higher education evolving just like they are in the rest of the marketing world, university and college marketers are focusing more on topics like personalized messaging, meeting students “where they are,” data-driven marketing and brand perception.

    Having performed university printing for almost 20 years, Perfect has seen this transformation up close. Using capabilities like our digital printing, we’ve been able to support our higher education customers in their pursuit of admissions growth and increased fundraising.

    We work with university and college teams in areas such as admissions, alumni relations, branding, campus communications, event promotion and fundraising. Our higher education printing customers include Rutgers University, the University of Pennsylvania, Rowan University and Drexel University.

    If you are a higher education designer or marketer looking for a partner that is experienced in university printing, call (856) 787-1877 for more information.

    University Materials:

    • Brochures

    • Direct Mail Letters

    • Flyers

    • Folders

    • Invitations

    • Maps

    • Newsletters

    • Postcards

    Sample Higher Education Projects

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    Financial printing Marlin closeup


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    Financial printing is unlike printing in any other industry except for health care. The compliance obligations financial companies must meet create the potential for legal issues, regulatory fines or government intervention anytime they distribute a printed piece. This risky environment is what drives financial companies’ need for timely and detailed print production.

    Our ability to meet deadlines and deliver consistent results is why our customers come to us for financial printing services.

    Companies such as Marlin Finance, FS Investments and Penn Mutual rely on us to handle a variety of their financial printing needs. From sales and marketing materials, to direct mail campaigns, to event signage and promotional products, our financial customers know we can get their project done right.

    There is a growing demand in the financial industry to improve customer experience and enhance brand preference. Capabilities like our variable data printing and state-of-the-art digital printing are incredibly valuable to our financial customers in meeting these goals.

    We can personalize communications, such as sales and promotional offers, to individual investors and households.

    We can improve the impact and engagement of any printed piece by applying unique specialty finishes and taking advantage of our flexible specialty paper options.

    Our color quality ensures consistent reproduction of brand identity, which is vital in today’s competitive financial market.

    If you have a need for high-quality financial printing services, you should be using Perfect.

    Financial Printing:

    • Direct Mail Letters

    • Postcards

    • Brochures

    • Pocket Folders

    • Stationery

    • Information Sheets

    • Invitations

    • Signs and Posters

    • Labels

    • Promotional Products

    Sample Financial Projects

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    Since our beginning, Perfect has worked with retail companies to produce print materials that attract customers. Recently, retailers have focused more effort on creating an improved customer experience through brand engagement and message personalization. We’ve used capabilities such as our digital printing technology to help them achieve their goals.

    One of our primary retail printing services is direct mail. With a full-service mail and fulfillment team in house, we help retailers acquire mailing lists, analyze and clean their lists, print materials and get their pieces into the mail. We have produced direct mail campaigns that have used postcards, flyers and custom-designed dimensional mailers.

    In addition to printing marketing materials for retailers, we use our large format printing capabilities to produce signage for them on both soft and rigid materials. We can also create custom shapes and sizes with our flatbed routing system.

    Our web-to-print online ordering portal is a valuable tool for retailers with multiple locations. The portal lets retailers set up a product catalog that contains frequently used corporate and marketing materials. Employees at locations in the field can order their own retail print materials as needed. This cuts down on ordering time and gets materials printed faster. The centralized control also ensures brand quality because there is consistent reproduction of brand colors, style and format.

    If you are a retailer looking for a partner who is experienced in retail printing, call (856) 787-1877 for more information.

    Retail Materials:

    • Banners

    • Catalogs

    • Coupons

    • Gift Certificates

    • Hang Tags

    • Labels

    • Postcards

    • Posters

    • Recipe Cards

    • Signs

    • Wall Graphics

    Sample Retail Projects

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