Print Fulfillment

    FS Investments

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    Perfect helped FS Investments craft custom materials for an important marketing campaign.

    FS Investments, a Philadelphia-based manager of alternative investment funds, provides its investors with access to alternative asset classes, strategies and asset managers that are historically only available to the world’s largest investors. The investment firm’s offerings are unique and appeal to an exclusive part of the investor market. The company places a high priority on delivering unique, impactful marketing materials to attract the valuable investors it targets.

    A marketing campaign FS Investments conducted to distribute information about its Energy and Power Fund (FSEP) needed a custom box to hold the materials. Perfect worked with FS Investments to develop prototypes for an outer box that created an immediate and lasting impact reflective of the FS Investments brand. We then printed the boxes, brochures, cards and capacity folder, assembled all of the materials and coordinated the initial launch mailing.

    Adventure Aquarium

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    Since 2004, Adventure Aquarium has used Perfect to produce various print collateral including brochures, postcards, variable data tickets and coupons as well as their membership renewal materials. The membership package includes a fully personalized letter and renewal gift insert with variable data messages and offers based upon the customer’s membership expiration. Packages are printed and mailed on an ongoing basis based upon the membership cycle.


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    For OppenheimerFunds, Perfect secured over 20,000 gallons of popcorn for a dimensional mail piece. But not any kernels would do. The client requested 3 unique kosher-certified flavors. We arranged a taste testing and coordinated the printing and packaging of the custom tins and outer packaging. The custom dimensional mailer was delivered to over 5,000 recipients throughout the United States.


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    Custom-engineered diecut packaging for premium item mailing.

    Because Perfect handles nearly all production in-house, we can ensure brand consistency whether printing a brochure or components for premium items.

    We printed a 12-page plus pocket-cover brochure for OppenheimerFunds Inc. When OppenheimerFunds ordered premium items with the same branding, Perfect printed the packaging in-house on the same equipment as the brochure – ensuring a perfect color match!

    Our in-house capabilities enabled us to engineer, print, die-cut and fabricate the premium-item packaging, and fulfill and ship directly from our facility. Perfect Printing helped maintain integrity of the OppenheimerFund brand by printing exact color matches throughout a range of projects.