How Can You Simplify Pocket Folder Design?

    pocket folder design
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    Pocket folder design can be one of the more bothersome tasks for a graphic designer if they have not created one before. Since the pocket folder will be produced with a series of cuts and folds, setting up the design file correctly can be challenging, but it is vitally important.

    There are quite a few details to consider in pocket folder design, such as the number of pockets to include, how large the pockets can be, and whether to make the pockets straight, angled or curved. This says nothing of details such as whether business cards slits are required or if the folder will need some capacity to hold large or numerous materials. Then there are technical considerations, such as how large to make the tabs for folding.

    At Perfect, we produce a number of custom pocket folders for various uses. One way to simplify pocket folder design is to use one of our print templates as a starting point. Using one of our folder templates can help eliminate the time of creating a new folder from scratch, as well as remove many of the variables that can be at play. Among the templates we have available for pocket folder design are one-pocket and two-pocket folders.

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