Direct mail is the most effective way to generate brand awareness and new business opportunities. Of all marketing channels, it delivers the highest response rate by far. Now, with Enhanced Direct Mail from Perfect, you can double down on this effectiveness and ensure no prospect gets left behind.

Enhanced Direct Mail builds on your direct mail effort by adding mail tracking, call tracking, digital display advertising and social advertising to your campaign.

Find Out When Your Mail Will Arrive – Using a barcode that is added to each of your pieces, we track your mailing so you know exactly when it is due to arrive in mailboxes.

Check the Volume and Quality of Customer Calls – Using a unique phone number that is mapped to your phone number, we track the calls generated by your mailing so you can measure results. Additionally, calls can be recorded so you can check the quality of your call handling and customer service.

Advertise to Your Website Visitors – After your mailing, we place ads on the Google Display Ad Network to target visitors to your website. For mailings of fewer than 10,000 pieces, we place ads prior to your mailing as well. 

Communicate with Prospects on Social Platforms – After your mailing, Facebook and Instagram ads are displayed to people who have visited your website for up to 30 days. This helps keep you in front of your prospects until they are ready to act.

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Interested in Pricing?

Pricing for Enhanced Direct Mail is based on two factors: the features you select and the number of pieces in your campaign. On average, you can get the benefits of Enhanced Direct Mail for about half the cost of postage.


With these add-on Enhanced Direct Mail solutions, you can specifically target the people on your mail list:

Social Match
With Social Match, target the Facebook or Instagram accounts of about 50% of your mail list with digital ads for 14 days, beginning on your campaign mail date. This approach is a great way to maximize the value of your mail list.

IP Targeting
In a similar way, we can match IP addresses to about 50% of the mailing addresses on your list and display digital ads to the targets whenever they are on the internet. This one-to-one method is a precise use of digital ads that proactively targets known prospects.

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